April 27, 2018


The Amber Neal PR Firm is super in love with our newest client❤ Get to knowShon Willis-Williams Editor-In-Chief of Fighting For Her Life Magazine!


Shon Willis-Williams is also the CEO of Find A Cure for Our Daughter's INC, a community and faith-based organization galvanized to support patients and provide assistance to families of those suffering from the agonizing and potentially deadly effects of Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Sjogren Syndrome!


An agent for change and a real-life Survivor, Mrs. Shon Willis-Williamsunderstands the importance of exposing these inconspicuous killers!


Mrs. Wiiliams brings a spirit of overcoming adversity to her organization which serves as a guide to help to inspire all those around her .


What a huge heart! She has also opened her home and served as a foster parent for over 30 children in the State of Texas within a seven-year period and has since retired in good standing with the state although she's suffering silently, she refuses to let her diagnosis or her circumstances stop her from helping people living with Chronic illness and sometimes invisible illnesses......


She is THE Queen of Daycare in Houston also. She stays at capacity year-round and even has a waiting list so we are here to talk about her movement with helping others with the fight for their lives and quality of living!

Ms. Williams says “lets find a cure for our daughters, support the movement, help a daughter in need”.


It's all about the family and leaving a legacy for her children. Married 30 years, her and hubby Freddie will be on our TOP 20 Power Couples this year at the Total Package Awards on 2018! Mark the date 7.28.18 at Angel Oaks Events.


She is a very in demand speaker! Once you spend 5 minutes listening to her, or read Fighting For Her Life Magazine, and see what she is about, you will fall in love with who she is as a person, Business Owner, and Advocate for those suffering in silence!


Welcome to The Amber Neal PR Firm !

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